lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

Hudson View Summer 2008 Volume 3

ISBN 13: 978-0-9815846-9-0 6x9 64 crisp white pages, colorful artwork paperback, 28 international poets.

Elegant Summer Volume 3 Issue 3: Elite collection of International poetry and prose composed by renowned and promising novice poets. Readers are consumed by reflections of eloquent verse, created by twenty-eight skillful & passionate writers including the works of Dr. Amitabh Mitra, Carolyn L. Srygley-Moore, Jan Oskar Hansen, and more. Six poets nominated for Pushcart Prize. Ideal gift or for plane, boat, train and car rides, or for professional waiting rooms while readers pass the time as they journey through hours of exceptional entertainment. A marvelous book packaged inside elegant, colorful covers with fantastic artwork by Maria Zeldis. Poignant interior art included in grayscale. An exquisite taste of "Pure Poetry."
Archived @ New York Public Library, Rockefeller Library @ Brown University, RI, University of Wisconsin Madison Library.

Hudson View Poetry Digest 2008 Table Of Contents

Matthew Woolven
Brad Hatfield
Joan Rene Goldberg
J. Alan Nelson
J.F. Pytko
Jan Oskar Hansen
Tom (WordWulf) SternerHowe
Krikor N. Der Hohannesian
Bishnupada Ray
Peter Nezafati
Irene Emanuel
L. Ward Abel
Jay Pillay
Graham Vivian Lancaster

Richard Fein
Michael J. Frey
Carol Lynn Grellas
Patty Mager
Patricia Ann Doneson
Stephanie Pope
Jacob Erin-Cilberto
Pamela MacBean
Victoria Valentine
Jim Lambert
Dennis Patrick Slattery
Meryl Raw
Amitabh Mitra
Isolda Dosamantes
Pushcart Prize Nominees

Isolda Dosamantes was born in Tlaxcala, Mexico, in 1969. She is the author of Altura lustral (2000) and Gótico florido (2001). In the US, Toshiya Kamei has published translations of Isolda’s poems in International Poetry Review, Loch Raven Review, and Minnetonka Review.